Coastal Cup 2023 Report

February 22, 2023

THE COASTAL CUP was held by Essex County IBC on SUNDAY the 19th of FEBRUARY 2023

Report by John Warman & John Fry...

This was the very first time Essex County Bowling Club had hosted this Novice Bowling Tournament in 15 years of its existence, following our outstanding victory at Colchester B C last year.

Teams from Clacton, Colchester, West Mersea, Jacks and newcomers Falcon descended upon Essex County Bowling Club to take part.

The tournament was a “round robin” event with each team playing a 7-end match against one another. The teams consisted of a squad of 5 players, one of which had to drop out per match.

Some 100 plus players, guests and spectators turned up to witness the novice bowlers showing off their newly developed skills. Unfortunately, the results didn't quite go our way this year, but our squad of Debbie Rose, Mark Rose, Sarah DeCort, Peter Smith and Stephen Cooper did the club proud.

The newcomers Falcon B C emerged victorious at the end of proceedings and will be the host for next year's tournament.

The tournament it's self was a major success thanks to all the time and effort of John Warman supported by his team of helpers. Special thanks must go to Kevin Robertson and the bar staff and Linda, Tina Spriggs and the ladies of the catering section for their superb service all day.

On top of all that the raffle which was held raised £350 for the Presidents Charity.

Thank you to all the club members who supported our team and our club on this fantastic day.

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