Club News - December

7th December 2021

Club Christmas Opening Hours

Thur 23rd Dec – Open as Usual 8am to 10:30pm (inc Mark Royal Roadshow)

Fri 24th Dec – 8am to 2pm early closure

Sat 25th Dec – CLOSED

Sun 26th Dec – CLOSED

Mon 27th Dec – Open as Usual 8am to 10:30pm

Tue 28th Dec – Open as Usual 8am to 10:30pm

Wed 29th Dec – Open as Usual 8am to 10:30pm

Thur 30th Dec – Open as Usual 8am to 10:30pm

Fri 31st Dec – 8am to 2pm early closure

Sat 1st Jan – CLOSED

Sun 2nd Jan – Open as Usual 8am to 6pm

Club News - November (3) 2021

30th November 2021

New Year’s Eve Party – Message from Tina Spriggs

It is with deep regret that I have to tell you that the New Year's Eve Party will not be going ahead.

With the current situation worsening it is not worth it and we are not prepared to take that risk for one night.

I know this will be a great disappointment to everyone. After such a long time we were all looking forward to getting together but I hope you agree it's just not worth it.

Once again I am so sorry. I can assure you that when things improve we will have one big party to celebrate being together safely.


Mark Royal Bowls Shop Roadshow

A reminder that Mark is bringing the Potters Bowls Shop back to the Club on Thursday 23rd December (11:30am-7pm) – please pop along to get your last minute Christmas presents!


A quick reminder, please can all members continue to wear facemasks around the Club. If we all continue to do so then the Club can remain open safely, hopefully for the whole of the Indoor season.

Club News - November (2) 2021

17th November 2021

Bar Volunteers Required

For a few years now the Club has been operating it's Bar using a mix of staff and volunteers. Every so often the number of volunteers reduces as people leave the club etc, and we need to ask the members if anyone could spare some time to help with covering the bar shifts. This email is doing exactly that, so if you could spare a few hours a week then please get in touch with me at the club or by telephone (my number is in the member list on the club website). Please contact me even if you just wish to ascertain what is involved.

Kevin Robertson – Bar Manager


Indoor Committee Message

It has become apparent during the last few weeks that some indoor members think it is OK to use the arena as a changing room and storage area for bags etc, during play, it is not.

The use of the arena for changing during the COVID pandemic was a temporary solution, not permanent.

Please be advised that the arena is for playing, the changing rooms are for changing and storing bags/clothes during play.

Bags in the arena cause a potential trip hazard, please leave them in the changing rooms.

Even when you just need to change your shoes or coat, please use the changing rooms.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Indoor Committee


News Screen

Please note the rolling news screen is now back in use at the Club (located next to the TV in the Clubhouse) – various slides will be added and removed throughout the season so please take the time to read them.

If any member has thoughts of what type of news this screen could be used for please just let Ed know in the Office.

SGM - 18th November - POSTPONED

10th November 2021

Regarding the forthcoming SGM to discuss renovations to the Old Clubhouse, several members have expressed the view that as the character of the spend has changed from just decoration to a full refurb, we should supply another 2 builders’ quotes for a fairer comparison.

Obviously this cannot happen now in 4 days, therefore I am POSTPONING the Special General Meeting on 18th November – I need the time to meet with builders in order to obtain the relevant quotes and adequately pass on the information to members prior to the meeting.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused, but I am sure this course of action is the right one and will be fair to everybody.

Kind Regards,

Tina Spriggs – General Secretary

Club News - November 21

2nd November 2021

Indoor Captain

As a result of the sudden resignation of our elected Indoor Winter Captain John Fry, the Indoor Committee would like to thank Steve Kerley (a previous Indoor Captain) for volunteering to step into this role for the remainder of the indoor season.

We hope that everyone will provide Steve with the support he needs in this demanding role.


Club Finals

The last 2 finals held over from 2019-20 season are taking place this Thursday evening (4th November) at 6:30pm:

Richard Hart Singles – Edward Morris v Neil Jackson

Ladies Pairs – Tina Spriggs & Sue Kemp v Pauline Naylor & Barbara Caunter

Please come along to support the players and watch some top quality bowls.


Mark Royal Roadshow

Sorry to anyone who may have missed Mark’s recent rescheduled visit - he is coming back to the Club on Thursday 23rd December. A chance to pick up some last minute Christmas presents!



As you may have seen recently, some of the CoVID restrictions around the Club have been reintroduced. The important thing now is for everyone to follow these and also exercise some common sense. If we all do so and are pragmatic about this, then hopefully we can continue to enjoy our bowling all season long.

CoVID Sub-Committee Update

25th October 2021

We have been approached by a small number of members enquiring if the club will be closing or making any changes to the way it is operating, as a result of the latest COVID situation.

The COVID Sub-Committee are constantly monitoring our situation and have made some changes only last week to reflect your increased concern.

A small number of members have contracted COVID and thankfully are recovering well.

The COVID Sub-Committee do not see any evidence that these members contracted COVID as a direct result of visiting the club so for the immediate future we do not plan to make any further changes.

However, if this should change, if we see evidence that requires us to make changes, rest assured we will.

We would also like to point out that the upgraded ventilation in the arena is far more efficient at providing fresh air than that around the rest of the club, so members should feel safer on the green.

Our main focus is to protect our members whilst at the club and we will continue to do just that.

To help us achieve our objective, it requires every single member to follow the simple guidelines we have introduced and take responsibility for their own actions, we can all make a difference.

Simple things can help your own personal wellbeing:-


  • Take the mat up when casting the jack, to allow more space for your fellow bowlers behind the mat
  • Don't bowl a long Jack, to allow more room behind the head for your fellow bowlers
  • At session changeovers, don't all crowd into the arena, wait for some of the previous sessions bowlers to leave first, observe Social Distancing
  • Don't shake hands at the end of the game
  • Use the Hand Sanitiser during the game
  • Wash your hands after the game
  • Wear a mask on the rink if you feel this is necessary
  • Wear a mask as soon as you leave the rink


ECBC COVID Sub-Committee


22nd October 2021

For the benefit of all members, the COVID committee require all persons to wear a Facemask when moving around the club.

This is a mandatory requirement unless you are medically exempt and can provide evidence to a Club Officer.

We would also request that when at the club members/visitors observe Social Distancing at all times.

We are also re-introducing the Track & Trace sign-in register which is located in the entrance corridor under the TV monitor.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but the Health & Wellbeing of our members is our priority.


COVID Committee

Club Dress Code

19th October 2021

Please find below the new Committee-agreed Club Dress Code:


1. Roll-ups/Internal Leagues/Disc Games/Club Competitions:-

White Polo with collar or white tailored shirt/blouse

White sweater/fleece/cardigan

Grey trousers/skirt/shorts


2. Club entered Team Competitions:-

Competition Shirt (Imperials branding)

White/grey/black trousers/skirt/shorts

Or - as directed by team sheet

For external personal competitions the Competition Shirt may be worn.

Important - All players must wear the same shirt and same colour trousers/skirt/shorts.


3. Friendlies: -

White Polo with collar or white tailored shirt/blouse

Grey or White trousers/skirt/shorts 

Or – as directed by team sheet


Dress Code Appendix

Trousers – Strictly no cargo trousers or jeans

Shoes – Flat soled shoes (no heels/sandals or open toes)

Hats/Caps – White

Shorts – Tailored white/grey/black or those supplied by bowls manufacturers Sweaters/Fleeces/Cardigans – White

Wet Gear – White or those supplied by bowls manufacturers


This is now the Club Dress Code, rather than having a separate code for Indoors and Outdoors.

You will notice that very little has actually changed, but please read carefully nonetheless.

IMPORTANT – This new Code incorporates the newly designed Competition Shirt – which will essentially only be used for games when representing the Club, or external competitions. It is thought the original wording when introducing this shirt led to some confusion for its purpose – the Competition Shirt is a new term, previously it was known as the ‘Club Shirt’ which clearly does cause a lot of misperception! So if anyone believes they have been wrongly ‘mis-sold’ a new Competition Shirt they are very much able to come and return it and receive a refund should they choose.

COMPETITION SHIRT SALES – The new shirts are now able to ordered directly from the Office - £10 for your first shirt (heavily discounted), £25 for any additional shirt. If you are someone who plays in any of the following you will need one:

Outdoors – Any National/County Club competition, Group 6 League, Cutler Shield, other external leagues

Indoors – Any National/County Club competition (including County League)

Please order from Ed, shirts may take up to 2 months to arrive following a batch order from the Club.

NB – the Yellow panel shirt is now defunct from this moment onwards.

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