Indoor Season Update

November 22, 2023

Indoor Club Competitions

Thanks to those who have played their first games early, we are now coming up to the period of an inevitable log-jam of games trying to be booked, so rink space will be at a premium. Keep an eye out for Wed/Sat/Sun afternoons that become free as sadly many friendlies are getting cancelled by our opposition this year.

There are also many games being booked incorrectly, so a quick guide to do so is as follows:

  1. Log in to the system before clicking anything else!
  2. Go to 'My Account'
  3. Go to 'My Club Competition matches'
  4. Your full list of Club comps will be shown, to book a rink click on 'Book a slot' next to the match in question. You can also cancel bookings from here too.

TO ALL INDOOR MEMBERS - From Lynne Daughtrey (Indoor League Secretary)

I am writing to ask you all to please take extra care when inputting your scores and players names into bowlr system after your games.

There have been numerous errors since the start of the season and I have been amending those errors, which is quite time-consuming.

From Friday 1st December I will no longer be correcting your errors so if you put in the wrong score or forget to tick the box when only 3 players play then it will remain wrong unless you contact me.

Furthermore, there have been a number of unregistered players being played and I must draw your attention to Rule 2(b) which states that the penalty for doing this on a second or subsequent occasion will incur a penalty - that your team will lose 25% of their score. The rules have been updated on the indoor arena board and on the website.

Please help me to help you run your leagues fairly for all players.

Thank you all

Upcoming Club Matches

As always, your support would be most welcome...

  • Ladies Mason Trophy v Tilbury - Friday 24th Nov 10am
  • Mens County League v Tye Green - Saturday 25th Nov 10am
  • Mixed Egham Trophy v Ipswich - Sunday 26th Nov 10am
  • Mens Over 60s Double Rink v Barking - Tuesday 28th Nov 10am
  • Ladies Vivienne Trophy v Falcon - Thursday 30th Nov 10am
  • Mens Denny Plate v Clacton - Saturday 9th Dec 10am
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