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David Carveley (Sept 2023)

We have received the sad news that one of our long-time ex-members David Carveley passed away at the end of September.

David was a full member here for many years and will be fondly remembered for the tireless work he put in to the Cadets, as an assistant-master for well over a decade. This was at a time where we had over 20 full Cadets and lots of competitions county-wide, so was almost a full-time job for David.

Other members will recall the huge amount of marking that David did, multiple games every day during the busiest parts of the season – he always got presented a bottle at the Club AGM for his efforts.

All of the above culminated in David being awarded the County’s top recognition for Club members; the Bill Wallis award in 2007, which still hangs proudly in the Club.

David’s funeral will be held on Thur 26th October – full details to follow…




Ray Raven (March 2023)

We are saddened to hear of the recent death of Ray Raven, a full member of the Club since early 2013.

Ray was a regular bowler in leagues, disc games and roll ups throughout the year.

Once Ray’s funeral details have been arranged they will be passed on to the Club and this notice will be updated.




Helga Byrne (January 2023)

We are sad to hear of the passing of Helga in January at the age of 93.

Helga was a long standing Indoor member until she stopped bowling at the age of 90 in 2019.

She requested no funeral service.




Barbara Smith (December 2022)

We have received the sad news of the recent passing of Barbara Smith.

Barbara was an indoor member here for many years (along with her husband Roy).

Barbara's funeral will be held on Wednesday 11th January at 4pm - South Essex Crematorium, Upminster.




Maureen Ward (December 2022)

We regretfully announce the recent passing of one of our long-time indoor members, Maureen Ward.

Maureen joined the Club in 2007 and was a regular in the ladies and mixed leagues and competitions ever since. Maureen played right up until the start of this season, at which point her health sadly did not allow it.

Our thoughts are with her husband John, who is still a member of the Club, at this difficult time.

Maureen's funeral will be held on Tuesday 7th February at 1:30pm, Southend Crematorium. The wake will be held at Thorpe Bay Bowls Club afterwards.




Mo (Maurice) Arkus (December 2022)

We have received the sad news of the passing of full member Mo Arkus.

Mo joined the Club back in 2015 and was a regular player both indoors and outdoors.

Mo has severely hospitalised with Covid during the pandemic, but overcame it and his story featured in news outlets locally – sadly he had been ill for some time once again recently.

His funeral, due to his faith, is likely to be arranged rapidly.




William (Bill) Bickford (November 2022)

We are sad to report the recent death of one of our past-members, Bill Bickford.

Bill was a member of here for a number of years, including becoming our Outdoor Club Captain in 2000.

Bill left the Club in 2004 but continued bowling for many years in the area.

Bill's funeral will be held at Southend Crematorium on Thursday 22nd December at 1:20pm - a celebration of his life will follow at Westcliff Rugby Club. All members are welcome.




Ken Chapman (October 2022)

We are sad to receive news of former long-time member Ken Chapman’s recent passing.

Ken was a full member here for many years, in that time he served on various committees at different times, sponsored league teams and was generally very active in and around the Club.

Ken maintained his membership right up to 2021, when he could no longer bowl due to his failing health.

We have no details of Ken’s funeral at this stage, we will update this notice when we hear them.




Esme Robinson (October 2022)

We have received sad news of the recent passing of long-time Club member Esme Robinson.

Esme was an active bowler in the Ladies Indoor section for many years, including being their Captain in 2003/04. In more recent years she maintained a Social membership and was a regular visitor to the Club as she lived in Imperial Avenue.

When we hear more details we will update this notice.




Pam Sims (Sept 2022)

We are sad to report the recent death of long-time Indoor member Pam Sims.

Pam was heavily involved in the running of the Ladies indoor section for many years before coming their last ever Captain in 2012-13 before the mens and ladies sections were amalgamated.

She has continued playing until very recently and as such will be very well known to the majority of our lady members.




Bob Hart (July 2022)

We have been informed of the recent passing of former full member of the Club Bob Hart.

Bob originally joined in 2017 before leaving recently due to ongoing illness.

His funeral will be held at Southend Crematorium on Friday 26th August at 2:45pm.




Ivor Finer (August 2022)

We have been informed of the passing of Outdoor member Ivor Finer.

Ivor took up bowls for the first time at the start of this season and got the bug immediately, entering all sorts of leagues and competitions at the first opportunity.

Sadly he soon became very unwell and has been in hospital for the past 7 weeks before passing recently.




Morris King (July 2022)

We are sad to announce the death of long-standing member Morris King.

Morris had been a member for well over 20 years, in that time winning the Lionel Clarke disc in 1999, the Friday morning league 4 times and becoming Club President twice, in 2004 and 2009. He also, in recent years, had the Tuesday morning league named after him.

In more recent times, Morris had continued playing regularly with the wheelchair group once a week.

When we have heard of the funeral details they will be added to this notice.




Trevor Hood (June 2022)

We are sad to announce the sudden passing of Trevor Hood.

Whilst he had not been a member of the Club for all that long, he left a big impression whilst here including being part of our first Coastal Cup winning squad.

He was also participating in the Fantastic Fives national competition but most will know him for rolling up incessantly which took him from a newcomer to a very good player in a short space of time.

Trevor's funeral will be held at Corbets Tey Crematorium, Ockenden on the 1st August at 12noon.




Neda Marlow (May 2022)

We sadly report the recent death of Neda Marlow, a long-term Social member of the Club.

Neda lived next door in Winton Lodge and often visited the Club with friends and family to use the Kitchen and watch some bowls.

When we have further details regarding the funeral we will update this notice.



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