CoVID Sub-Committee Update

25th October 2021

We have been approached by a small number of members enquiring if the club will be closing or making any changes to the way it is operating, as a result of the latest COVID situation.

The COVID Sub-Committee are constantly monitoring our situation and have made some changes only last week to reflect your increased concern.

A small number of members have contracted COVID and thankfully are recovering well.

The COVID Sub-Committee do not see any evidence that these members contracted COVID as a direct result of visiting the club so for the immediate future we do not plan to make any further changes.

However, if this should change, if we see evidence that requires us to make changes, rest assured we will.

We would also like to point out that the upgraded ventilation in the arena is far more efficient at providing fresh air than that around the rest of the club, so members should feel safer on the green.

Our main focus is to protect our members whilst at the club and we will continue to do just that.

To help us achieve our objective, it requires every single member to follow the simple guidelines we have introduced and take responsibility for their own actions, we can all make a difference.

Simple things can help your own personal wellbeing:-


  • Take the mat up when casting the jack, to allow more space for your fellow bowlers behind the mat
  • Don't bowl a long Jack, to allow more room behind the head for your fellow bowlers
  • At session changeovers, don't all crowd into the arena, wait for some of the previous sessions bowlers to leave first, observe Social Distancing
  • Don't shake hands at the end of the game
  • Use the Hand Sanitiser during the game
  • Wash your hands after the game
  • Wear a mask on the rink if you feel this is necessary
  • Wear a mask as soon as you leave the rink


ECBC COVID Sub-Committee

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