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In 1901, Southend Corporation purchased Chalkwell Park, which contained a modest bowling green, later becoming the site of the Essex County Bowling Club established in 1906. This club quickly grew in membership, necessitating larger accommodations and the purchase of a new ground. With the dedication of its founding members, the club thrived, adding facilities and hosting significant events like the opening of the South Green in 1907 and the inauguration of the North green in 1908. Notably, two silver jacks were presented to the Club President's wife, Mrs. Robertson, on these occasions, which after being lost for some time, were graciously returned by her family to the club in 2003.

Over the years, the club faced and overcame various challenges, including the effects of two World Wars, which saw a dramatic drop in membership and activities. However, it persevered and continued to expand, adding new greens and facilities, like a social club and an indoor bowling arena, reflecting the evolving needs and interests of its members. The club was proactive in maintaining its infrastructure and embracing new opportunities, such as incorporating ladies into outdoor sections following the Equality Act and engaging with younger generations through school programs. Remarkable events, like the destruction of the Secretary's office by fire and the repair of the pavilion, illustrated the club's resilience and community spirit.

In the latter years, the club navigated financial challenges, updated its facilities to modern standards, and embraced diversity and inclusion. It celebrated significant milestones, such as the Indoor Section's Golden Jubilee, and continued to evolve with the times, installing solar panels and upgrading its computer systems. Despite facing a global pandemic, the club adapted by offering discounted memberships to sustain its community. Moving forward, it continued to invest in its future, repairing and refurbishing the Old Clubhouse for additional income, ensuring its long-standing tradition and community spirit endure.

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