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Weekend Results

13th November 2017

County League and Egham Trophy

County League - Game One

Essex County played the first game in the County League on Saturday 11th November versus Tilbury Indoor Bowling Club, in the usual format, three rinks home and three rinks away.
With a total of 13 points up for grabs it was important to get a good start to our campaign of seven league matches.
Away rink scores: Rink skipped by Steve Mahoney won 23 13, rink skipped by John Stewart won 22 15 and the rink skipped by Ian Middlemast lost 11 24.
Home rink scores: the rink skipped by Neil Jackson won 23 22, the rink skipped by David Dar lost 21 20 and the rink skipped by David McCathie won 21 16, so overall score of 120 shots to 111 and more importantly 11 points to 2.
There was an exciting finish to the game at home with only one end remaining on Neil Jackson's rink several scenarios were possible ranging from an 8 5 win to a more likely 9 4 or 10 3. The rink of Paul Wilson, John Welton, John Lloyd and Neil Jackson trailed by three shots starting the last end with all other rinks completed. The opposition bowled a couple of strong bowls but John Welton with his second bowl managed to turn things around with a perfect back hand draw. John Lloyd followed up with another good bowl, but it looked impossible to get any more from the end. However, Neil managed to bowl a fabulous forehand draw with his first bowl, just edging an away wood a few inches from the jack. The opposing skip missed with both bowls and with the scores tied at 22 22 Neil drew a perfect last bowl to win the rink and secure an 11 points to 2 win, all four scoring bowls no more than 6 inches from the jack.
The two clubs also recognised Remembrance Day and observed a two minutes silence which was respectfully adhered to.
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Egham Trophy - Game Three
Essex County played Tilbury in the Egham Trophy on Sunday 12th November, two rinks home and two rinks away.
This was our third game following games against Rayleigh and Falcon.
The game against Tilbury can be very difficult and if both teams select most of their stronger bowlers there is usually very little difference between the two teams with both clubs fielding a number of Liberty Trophy and Atherley bowlers.
However, despite a slow start by the home rinks and due in large part to the rink skipped by Steve Mahoney we enjoyed a 95 shots to 58 shots success.
Home scores: Paul Wilson, Lynne Daughtrey, Brenda Bowyer and David Dar won by 30 shots to 8. Pat Algie, Dawn Howard, Phil Bowyer and David McCathie lost by 15 shots to 23.
Away scores: Margaret Chadderton, Cynthia Lee, Martyn Jackson and Steve Mahoney won 35 shots to 10 and the rink of Sue Kemp, Jan Soar, John Warman and Neil Jackson lost by 15 shots to 17.
We have Ipswich in the next round.
The two clubs also recognised Remembrance Day and observed a one minutes silence which was respectfully adhered to.
Click here for the full draw.

David Dar
Team Manager, Essex County Bowling Club
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