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Denny Cup Update

11th January 2018


Denny Cup


Saturday 6th January we took on Norfolk IBC in the National Last 16 round of the Denny Cup.

This is the first time since the 2013-14 season we have progressed this far in the competition.

In terms of competitive inter-club bowls this was a very big fixture for Essex County and as such the support from members was fantastic and greatly appreciated.

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Essex County played Norfolk Indoor Bowling Club in the last 16 of the Denny Cup on Saturday 7th January and despite leading for most of the match overall lost by a couple of shots.

There were some changes to the originally selected rinks for several reasons but the two rinks at home were Paul Wilson, Michael Coulson, Mark Welton and John Stewart with the rink of Lee Watkins, Simon Kittle, John Warman and Edward Morris. The two rinks away were Richard Spriggs, Adam Clifford, Steve Mahoney and Neil Jackson with the rink of John Andrews, Martyn Jackson, David Dar and David McCathie.

Away, the Neil Jackson rink played particularly well and were up against some inspired skipping by Jim Segolo who saved countless shots with excellent firing bowls and accurate draws. The David McCathie rink struggled early on, having to kill several ends at the beginning to try and stay in touch, only to still be 7-0 down early on and 9-2 before eventually crawling back to 9-9. At this point overall in the match the club were now ahead by many shots.

However, unfortunately despite the other three rinks forging ahead, the four of Andrews, Jackson, Dar and McCathie started to struggle against some quality bowling from Wayne Willgress dropping in quick succession a three and a four. Shots were becoming hard to come by, with many replayed ends followed as heads were destroyed by both fours.

Updated scores were continually monitored and with Neil’s rink having one end to play and David’s rink having three ends to play we looked to be in a comfortable situation overall. Edward’s rink were unfortunate to lose a three on their last end whilst Neil’s rink held an excellent five shots with just one bowl to come from Segolo, who managed to bowl an excellent drawing shot ensuring a six shot swing on the end.

We were though still in a strong position. David’s rink with the last two ends to play, holding an overall four shot lead. However, five shots were lost on the 20th end meaning we were playing the last end one down overall. The head was against when David Dar bowled firing at the full-length jack, catching a slice of it leaving the it on the side of the rink, about two inches from the next rink and a few inches from the ditch. So top left-hand corner in effect. The next two bowls from the two threes came to nothing and then Wayne fell short with his first bowl. David McCathie drew shot with his first wood, some four and a half feet away and when Wayne’s second bowl went in to the ditch we had a guaranteed extra end at home and a free draw for game. Unfortunately, David’s bowl was a couple of feet heavy and slightly wide and was unlucky to undercut the jack off the rink (this could only happen one in a hundred times). The end was burned and had to be replayed. The replayed end was lost and with it the game.

Rink scores Morris 23 14, Stewart 24 17, Jackson 14 15, McCathie 12 29, overall 73 75.

Many thanks to all those who played and the wonderful support at home.

David Dar, Team Manager


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